An anaerobic process is a beautiful and simple natural occurrence. With the absence of oxygen waste is converted to biogas and only a small amount of sludge. But as in most cases, a human synthesis of a natural process ends up very complicated. Aqana takes advantage of the bacterial property to attach to surfaces. The anaerobic bacteria are grown on a floating carrier. With this Aqana makes the difference. By using a floating carrier bed the reactor design is that simple that it fits in any tank. Three concepts are the product of the research and collaboration with launching customers.


From our company in the Netherlands we operate worldwide in wastewater treatment. In achieving our goals we are continuously expanding our partnerships to share our technology and realize local projects.

In our specially developed partnership program, we closely collaborate with license partners and share the possibilities of the Aqana system.

We are focused on companies active in wastewater treatment, who are missing the anaerobic technology in their portfolio.